Colin Kaepernick Being Investigated For Sexual Assault

Published: Apr 10, 2014 13:20pm EDT
By JasonNeal, Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Apr 10, 2014 @ 01:42pm EDT


10:41 a.m. - The actual police report says nothing about sexual assault, instead lists "suspicious activity" as the reason for the investigation.  The only group reporting it as a sexual assault is TMZ.


The 49ers organization has had its fair share of frustrations this offseason with Chris Culliver being involved in a hit and run with a bicyclist, the Cleveland Browns and Jim Harbaugh fiasco, and now their starting quarterback, Colin Kaepernick is being accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Miami, FL.  

There have been no charges filed and the investigation is in the most preliminary of stages, but this does not bode well for Kaepernick in numerous ways.  The fact that he is discussing the terms of a contract extension with the 49ers and this news comes out does not help his side of the table when it comes to those negotiations.  The fact that, if this is true, he will be lumped in with other high profile athletes who have had similar issues like Kobe Bryant and Ben Roethlisberger is not a welcomed thought.  Kaepernick has been trying to fight stereotypes from all comers since he took over the starting job from Alex Smith in 2012, and adding a potential sexual assault to the list of things he will have to answer to is something no professional athlete ever wants to consider.

Kaepernick has been fighting stereotypes in the football world since he took over the starting quarterback job in the middle of the 2012 season.  Dan Whitley wrote an article on that clearly stated his thoughts on NFL quarterbacks and whether they should have tattoos or not.  Kaepernick's clothing choices and the way he wears his hat have been fodder for many media members who suggest that if Kaepernick were to dress in a suit or if he were to wear his hat forward as opposed to backward or cocked to the side, that maybe he would be taken more seriously as an NFL starting quarterback.  Kaepernick cannot afford to have something like rape pinned to his name because, well, it would be an atrocity.

There is a chance, being that TMZ stated that this matter happened earlier this month, that this will all turn out to be nothing; just another woman accusing a professional athlete of being too aggressive and taking what is not his to take.  There is also a chance that this is completely true and that Kaepernick may not be the mild mannered, laid back person he portrays himself to be.  The 49ers have said they, "Are aware of the recent media report regarding Colin Kaepernick and is in the process of gathering the pertinent facts."  

There is absolutely nothing ok with a person forcing someone to do something against their will.  This should not require statement, but just for clarity, that needed to be said.  If these allegations are true, Kaepernick would have another label placed upon him, but one that would hold truth and not be a subject of opinion.  Calling Kaepernick a thug because he wears Jordans and a cocked hat to his press conference is dumb, but if this does turn out to be nothing more than TMZ jumping the gun and getting ahead of itself (which has happened before), then Kaepernick is goiing to have a whole lot more to worry about than his contract with any team.


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