2014 MLB Preview and Rankings: #30 Houston Astros

Published: Mar 05, 2014 19:18pm EST
By Michael Owen, Sports Writer for Konsume Sports

Please Note: This article was updated Mar 07, 2014 @ 07:38pm EST


Spring training games have already begun and Opening Day is still a few weeks away, but the rite of passage that comes every Spring and finally getting to see actual ballgames going on in Florida and Arizona is enough to get any fan going.

There is still a lot of work to be done for some teams, position battles, last minute signings and so on. While one of the best things about Spring Training is that when it starts, anything can happen and every team has a chance.  Unfortunately for many teams those hopes can be shattered and lost by May.

As we begin playing ball, we have a pretty good idea of where each team stands and while each season is unpredictable, things can change at the drop of an Ace lefties torn rotator cuff.  

Over the next few weeks we'll give you a preseason ranking and analysis of each team daily.  feel free to disagree and voice your opinion

So with with all that being said, here we go:

30. Houston Astros 

Let’s face it, the Astros were terrible last year.  They closed out the season losing 15 straight and went 51-111, a cataclysmically bad season.  It doesn’t look to get much better in 2014. While they made a ton of trades to get younger they have truly found a way to start from scratch.  They can’t get much worse. Last year’s payroll on opening day was $26.1 million which is insanely low when you consider that the Yankees had at least 4 players that made $20 million alone. 

They lost 17 games to the Rangers, 15 to the A’s and 79 to the rest of the league. This team was bad.

While the Astros won’t be quite as bad this year, they’re still the bottom feeder as we open 2014 but their future does look bright.  They have stockpiled talent at the higher levels plus brought in Dexter Fowler and Scooter Feldman (both likely to be traded in July) to go with a lineup that is all under 30. Unfortunately that's not a recipe for a winning team and generally does not translate into wins.  But that's ok because this team has time, something manager Bo Porter hopes he has.

He should be in good shape as the Astros biggest offseason move is not someone you'll see on the mound or on the diamond, he's someone you'll see on the front row of virtually every home game. Nolan Ryan.

Ryan, after a bitter power struggle was forced out by Rangers President John Daniels and became a sought after free agent after what he did with the Rangers organization.  The All time leader in strikeouts was the architect of a team that has had 4 straight 90 win seasons, trips to the playoffs in 3 of the last 4 years and 2 AL Pennants.  He has proven the ability to create and more importantly, execute a 5 year plan (despite arguments to the contrary from John Daniels' apologists).  This should be good news for Porter.  He should ask Ron Washington.

The future is very, very bright for the Astros and they will be better in 2014. But not much.

Prediction: 62-100


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