Looking Ahead: Midterm Victory Could Spell Disaster for GOP in 2016

Published: Oct 20, 2014 00:19am EDT
By Rick Rinker, Political Editor for Konsume Politics

Please Note: This article was updated Oct 20, 2014 @ 12:19am EDT


Republicans are poised to control both houses of Congress after the mid-term elections. This will be a victory and a headache for party leaders, and will likely complicate the political landscape of the 2016 presidential elections.

The victory is clearly that Republicans will have complete control over the legislative agenda, and can turn the tables on Democrats who have successfully branded House Republicans as the “Party of No.”

The headache and potential pitfalls for the GOP are that they have been unable to reign-in fringe party elements, which in the 113th Congress created significant problems for House Speaker John Boehner.

Getting the Republican Party on the same page to present a proactive agenda to the public is complicated by the myriad of incoming freshmen who have outflanked established candidates on the right, beating GOP backed candidates in primary races with radically conservative platforms, supported by Super PAC contributions.

There is no indication that 114th Congress’ House Republicans will be able to bridge the divide in their own party, and for conservatives this is a problem. In the Senate, high-profile republicans such as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul may look to make a statement as they eye 2016 ambitions, bucking party agendas.

Control of the Senate paves the way for the repeal, or at least weakening, of the Affordable Care Act. Though a veto is absolutely certain in the face of these actions, it is highly unlikely that the votes exist to override such a veto.

We are also likely to see Senate investigations into the IRS Targeting of Conservative PACs, the Benghazi deaths of four US citizens - in which we could see former Secretary of State, and presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton forced to testify - and other high profile political theater.

The likely mid-term victory is largely due to the President’s low approval ratings and the unpopularity of the Affordable Care Act in conservative districts, which are being used as a campaign platform and funded by unprecedented levels of conservative super PAC spending.

For their part, the President and Democrats already find themselves frozen out of the legislative agenda by Republican control of the House. For the Democrats, however, Republican control of the Senate will put them at a significant disadvantage in any number of ways.

A repeat of the 113th congress, amplified by Senate rabble-rousing in the form of unpopular investigations could have a galvanizing effect on Democrats, rallying fundraising efforts while gaining no real ground for Republicans themselves.

Capitol Hill will no doubt see a lack of statesmanship, in favor of cut-throat politics as party infighting continues and intensifies at the mark of the new congressional session. The real question is whether Republicans will be the biggest threat to the Republican Party amid the searing spotlight of an upcoming presidential election cycle.

If so, the result would see an energized left, apathy among moderate-conservatives and an army of disenfranchised Independents voters. This would not bode well for GOP candidates two short years from now.



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