Why DC is giving Marvel something to think about.

Published: Feb 05, 2014 18:08pm EST
By shaunmerritt, Entertainment/Sports Writer for Konsume Entertainment

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Unless you have been in a coma for the past year, you might have heard that there is a Superman/Batman movie being made. Ever since the Avengers movie was made, fans have been chomping at the bit for news of a potential Justice League film. They have certainly got their wish because a Superman/Batman movie is on the way. Even though nothing has been revealed about the plot, it is already entrenched in controversy.

When it was announced at Comic-Con 2013 that the movie had been green lit, fans went crazy. However, that enthusiasm was short lived when it was announced that Ben Affleck was playing the part of Bruce Wayne/Batman.  I too at first, did not particularly like the choice. It isn’t that Affleck is a bad actor, it’s just after Daredevil, I was not ready to see him play another comic book hero, especially not to dawn the cape and cowl. After having given it more thought though, I have started to change my stance and believe he is actually perfect for the part.

If there is one thing that we have not seen in a Batman movie yet, it’s the dark side to being Batman. Mostly, the toll it has taken on Bruce Wayne. Sure it was used as plot point in Tim Burton’s Batman and grazed over in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but the suffering Wayne goes through just hasn’t been fully realized on screen. While Christian Bale did do an excellent job playing Batman, he never could really capture the pain of Bruce Wayne. Films like Argo, Gone Baby Gone, and The Town have shown us that Affleck can pull that off. Snyder’s take on Batman will be older, wiser and more broken than we have seen in the past. This is a character that has seen his world destroyed by villain after villain and will have scars both mental and physical because of it. You would need an actor who can show those scares all while playing the role of the unbreakable superhero. Affleck is that actor.  Say what you want about Daredevil, but he was the bomb in Phantoms.

Even after the initial shock of Affleck casting died down, people were still scared the movie would be filled with A-list stars looking to capitalize on the “Big Comic Book Movie” craze. Their fears were somewhat dispelled when it was rumored that Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston was being courted for the role of Lex Luthor. Then director Zach Snyder made an announcement that shook the comic book movie world once again by saying Jesse Eisenberg was being cast as Lex Luthor. To say people were upset would be an understatement. I for one am completely on board with the casting.

While Cranston would have been easily a better choice visually, Eisenberg will bring a fresh take on a character that has been the prototype for comic book villains.  In the film Now You See Me, we saw how he can play the cunning trickster with something always up his sleeve, but it’s the film The Social Network, that showed us how Eisenberg can play the business magnate tech genius bent on world domination. Keep in mind this film is not going be about him. It’s about the Superman/Batman relationship. We don’t need an actor like Heath Ledger to come in and set the world on fire with his performance. We need an actor who can portray a nerd with a grudge, who wants to rule the world and Jesse Eisenberg fits the bill.

People often put too much stock into who is being cast in a movie. Zach Snyder has shown he has been able to handle ensemble casts and characters in his movies before. The vastly underrated Watchmen film is a testament to how he can direct characters with flaws and inner demons. He has also shown us how he can stay faithful to source material in the film 300 and for all the bad reviews it got, Man of Steel was a solid film. Let’s not forget that Christopher Nolan is producing the film and David S. Goyer is helping to write the script. This has the promise to be the blockbuster that gives Avengers a run for its money. Besides, no matter which series of films is better, the fans will come out ahead.  



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