Video Game Scouting Report: HOARD

Published: Feb 22, 2014 13:23pm EST
By TuckerBlairON, Sports Writer for Konsume Entertainment

Please Note: This article was updated Feb 22, 2014 @ 01:23pm EST


System: CPU

Genre: Action, Strategy

Publisher: Big Sandwich Games 

Price: $10 on Steam

Hoard is an interesting game that I came across during the last steam sale. It was 50% off, looked fun, had steam achievements, and had single and multiplayer capabilities. Usually, that is enough to win me over. 

HOARD takes place in a medieval world, similar to something you would see in a Game of Thrones style realm. You control a dragon whom is really interested in burning the surroundings and gaining treasure. Why the hell a dragon needs treasure is a story for another day. 

Gameplay - 50 grade

The gameplay is fun, yet exhausting. At times, I wanted to drink heavily after struggling through a map. In HOARD, you play 10 minute maps with a specified goal. BURN everything and gather treasure. This is the currency of the game, and the more you get, the better score you will receive. The main things you target are farms, towns, villages, castles and carts (holding gold/resources/fireworks???). It is a boatload of fun...besides a few things.

At times, the maps are excruciatingly annoying. I am not an expert at these types of games, but they draw you in and beat the crap out of anyone that is a rookie. the goal of the game is to get the highest score possible. You can do this by upgrading your dragon based off the treasure you receive. It feels rigged at times. The high-level difficulty maps are not fun and I often find myself playing the same maps over and over again. You are attacked by Knights, Archers and Mage Towers. Theives also steal gold from your treasure pile.

There are three styles of gameplay - Treasure, Princess Rush, Hoard. All three are solid game modes and provide a positive to the game.

Treasure is self explanatory. Gather as much treasure as possible. The highest score wins.

Princess Rush is all about capturing princesses (they come out of castles). The player with the most will win the game. This reminds me of capture the flag.

Hoard is all about staying alive as long as possible. The longest living streak wins.

Playability - 50 grade

While this game is fun in single player, it truly makes its mark in multiplayer. Unfortunately, finding 3 other friends that will purchase this game is hard (for those that do not have friends, like me). single player will get boring after a few hours. You really need a few buddies to burn and steal from for this to be worth the money.

Visual - 50 grade

For an indie game, I think HOARD is well-constructed from an artistic standpoint. Simple, yet not too dull. The dragons look good, the scenery is well done and nothing looks "bad".

Music - 40 grade

The music is the same over and over and over and over and over again. After you play a few maps, it will become annoying. It is not the worst jingle in the world, but there is not much going on here.

FINAL GRADE - 50 grade; average

HOARD is a decent game with a unique style. While the game is certainly fun, it does grow rather old unless you have a few friends to play with. I would recommend this game, but maybe wait until it is on sale at the Steam store.


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