This Weekend In Theaters - March 14, 2014

Published: Mar 13, 2014 15:32pm EDT
By Bob Phelan, Movie Critic for Konsume Entertainment

Please Note: This article was updated Mar 13, 2014 @ 03:32pm EDT


It looks like alot of people were anticipating the long awaited '300' sequel as 'Rise of an Empire' hauled in $45 million over the weekend. Thats $25 million less than the original made in its opening weekend but still better than I expected. 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman' didn't do much worse, coming in with about $32 million. 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' broke box office records making $800,000 in only four theaters. The buzz should only continue to grow with that one.

This weekend sees a scattering of releases. The "biggest" of the bunch would probably 'Need For Speed' starring Aaron Paul from AMC's 'Breaking Bad'. Based off the video game franchise it features racing and some kind of revenge plot. It looks like they're going for the Fast and Furious crowd and trying to cash in on 'Breaking Bad's' recent popularity following the end of the series. I was a big fan of the show so the only thing that really interests me here is seeing what Paul can do as a lead in a major motion picture. This doesn't feel like the kind of role he'd excel in and the reviews are not good. It doesn't appear that the script does him any favors but I do think hes a good actor. He was good in 2012's 'Smashed' where he played an alcoholic husband. As for 'Need For Speed' it looks like a pass to me but I'm not particularly a fan of this genre.

Next up is 'Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club'. Admittedly I've never seen a Tyler Perry movie but from what I gather they're similar to a Lifetime channel made for TV movie. A sappy love story with a contrived plot that goes for an inspirational message? By all means tell me if I'm wrong. This looks like more of that kind of thing. From the Rotten Tomatoes plot synopsis: "When five struggling single moms put aside their differences to form a support group, they find inspiration and laughter in their new sisterhood, and help each other overcome the obstacles that stand in their way." With this you should know going in what you're getting. If you've liked his previous films I don't see any reason you would'nt like 'Single Moms Club'. Tyler Perry is smart. His films are cheap to produce and I'm sure always net him a hefty profit.

On the limited release side of things this week we have 'Bad Words', Jason Bateman's directorial debut where he stars as a 40 year old man that finds a way to enter a kid's spelling bee and presumably hilarity ensues. The trailer didn't do much for me but that can happen with good comedies. 'Knocked Up' was an eye roller at the time but I ended up loving it. The reviews for this are pretty good and there hasn't been an adult comedy since Ride Along came out so I think it'll find success as it slowly rolls out over the next few weeks.

A couple other small releases of note would be 'Enemy' and 'Veronica Mars'. 'Enemy' stars Jake Gyllenhaal as he re-teams with Denis Villenueve, the director of last year's 'Prisoners' which was pretty good. It had good performances from Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman and had a directorial style that showed promise. While 'Prisoners' was pretty straight forward, 'Enemy' looks like a twisty psychological thriller having to do with doppelgangers. 'Veronica Mars' is the Kickstarter movie based off the cult TV show of the same name. If you watched the show I'm sure you're interested. If you're like me and you did not, well then...

Best Bet: Just like last week the best bet is probably not going to be playing in a theater near you but keep an eye out for 'Bad Words' and 'Enemy', and continue to watch out for 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'. And if you're a fan of 'Veronica Mars', Tyler Perry movies, and/or car themed action films theres nothing I can say to stop you from what you're going to do.


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