This Week In Theaters - June 6, 2014

Published: Jun 04, 2014 15:39pm EDT
By Bob Phelan, Movie Critic for Konsume Entertainment

Please Note: This article was updated Jun 04, 2014 @ 03:39pm EDT


Angelina Jolie enjoyed the biggest opening weekend of her career last week with 'Maleficent' banking around $70 million and I suspect that the kid friendly tone of this one will help it avoid the big second weekend drop off that has been prevalent this summer. 'A Million Ways To Die In the West' doesn't necessarily have to worry about that either since it never got off the ground at all, flopping to less than $17 million. I guess the constant reminder that 'Ted's' creator Seth MacFarlane was also behind this western comedy didn't hit home. 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' fell 64% to $32.5 million.

Tom Cruise tries to get in on the action this weekend with 'The Edge of Tomorrow' a sci-fi action movie about a guy (Cruise) who gets dropped into battle against an attacking alien race only to die almost immediately. He wakes up to replay the same day over and over like a mix between 'Groundhog Day' and 'Source Code'. Emily Blunt plays another soldier who, based on the trailer, trains him each day until hes good enough to kick some ass. I like the concept, the trailer looked good, and early reviews are pretty great. I'm a fan of both Cruise and Blunt. Hes been on a good run with 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol', 'Jack Reacher', and 'Oblivion' and she was great in 'Looper', one of my favorite movies of 2012. Doug Liman is directing and hes a mixed bag ('Jumper'...) but hes had some pretty good stuff as well ('Swingers', 'The Bourne Identity', and 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'). This summer continues to be infinitely more interesting than last year.

The counter programming to the big CGI blockbuster is 'The Fault In Our Stars' a teen romance starring Shailene Woodley and Willem Dafoe. Hes not the love interest, that would be weird. The twist on this tale is that both members of the couple have cancer. Based on a best selling critically lauded book, the early reviews are pretty good as well. Woodley can be a great actress when shes in the right roles ('The Descendents', 'The Spectacular Now') but that isn't always the case. The thing I worry about with this story is that it could get very cheesy, like a Lifetime movie, if not handled correctly. The director Josh Boone has only made one previous film that I haven't seen ('Stuck In Love') but one of the writers wrote '500 Days of Summer' which I liked alot. If the reviews continue to be good its definitely something I would check out when it hits DVD.

On the indie film front we have a horror movie and a romantic comedy. 'The Sacrament' is the latest release from director Ti West. He's been working predominantly in the horror genre in his early career. I loved 'The House of the Devil' but have been lukewarm on some of his other films. This time hes essentially making a found footage take on the Jonestown massacre which could be interesting. The romantic comedy is 'Obvious Child' which got great reviews out of Sundance. Jenny Slate plays a standup comedian who gets pregnant after a one night stand and has to decide what to do. Both of those have Redbox written all over them.

Best Bet: Tom Cruise plays pretty much the same character in every movie but hey, its a good character. 'The Edge of Tomorrow' is the pick unless you're desperate for a good cry then you might want to go for 'The Fault In Our Stars'.


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