This Week In Theaters - June 13, 2014

Published: Jun 11, 2014 13:03pm EDT
By Bob Phelan, Movie Critic for Konsume Entertainment

Please Note: This article was updated Jun 11, 2014 @ 01:03pm EDT


For the first time this summer a blockbuster action movie was beat out of the number one spot at the box office by a smaller drama. 'The Fault In Our Stars' made four times its budget over the weekend, bringing in $48 million. Shailene Woodley is making a name for herself. I'm fully expecting the next movie in the 'Divergent' franchise to do gangbusters. The cancer love story finished above the Tom Cruise 'Groundhog Day' inspired sci-fi action flick 'Edge of Tomorrow' which actually finished in third with almost $29 million. Thats similar to last year's 'Oblivion', a movie I liked. 'Maleficent' held up fairly well compared to this year's summer hits only dropping 50% to $34 million.

This week we have two highly anticipated movies hitting theaters, perhaps the most anticipated movies of their respective genre's that 2014 has to offer. On the comedy front we have '22 Jump Street' sequel to 2012's sleeper hit '21 Jump Street'. It didn't make great money at the box office in March of that year but got great reviews and seems to have built a sizeable following on DVD/Blu-Ray. I enjoyed the first movie quite a bit. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum had great comedic chemistry together and the few action scenes were handled well. Since then Hill and Tatum have only continued to grow in popularity with the former picking up his second Oscar nomination in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and the latter setting himself to be the next Matthew McConaughey, an actor who goes from a joke to respected thespian in a few short years. The second installment in this franchise looks like its picking up right where the first left off. The trailer looked good and early reviews are great (currently 94% on Rotten Tomatoes). I'm expecting a bigger opening than 'Neighbors', the first hit comedy of this year.

Ending the dearth of quality animated movies is 'How To Train Your Dragon 2' which looks to improve upon the 2010 surprise hit. The voice cast returns along with Toothless, the titular dragon. I surprisingly loved the first film when it came out. I saw it at the drive-in in front of the movie I went to see (might've been 'Hot Tub Time Machine' but I'm not 100% sure) but it was the highlight of the night. I was never a fan of Dreamworks Animation other than the first 'Kung Fu Panda'. The 'Madagascars', 'Over the Hedge', and 'Monsters vs. Aliens' of the world just never did it for me. Now that I have a two year old daughter I can use her as an excuse to go see the sequel in its opening weekend as I'm sure countless other parents will be. I'm expecting more beautiful animation, thrilling action sequences, and funny gags. Early reviews are great here as well. I think this has a chance to be this year's 'Frozen' although its hard to imagine any film making that much money not named 'Star Wars', 'Avatar', or 'The Avengers'.

The most intriguing independent movie this weekend is 'The Rover', Australian filmmaker David Michod's follow-up to 'Animal Kingdom', a family crime drama that was pretty good. I didn't love that movie but saw the potential in the director to follow along his career. This time hes telling the revenge story of a roaming loner (Guy Pearce) set in a dystopian near future. Robert Pattinson and Scoot McNairy also star. Pattinson can be a pretty good actor outside of the 'Twilight' films. I enjoyed him in 'Remember Me' and while I didn't like the film, I admired his work in 'Cosmopolis'.

Best Bet: If you've got time for a double feature I'd see both wide releases, could be a good weekend to go to the drive-in, but in lieu of that I'd recommend 'How To Train Your Dragon 2'.


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