Review: Lights' new album Little Machines

Published: Sep 23, 2014 18:55pm EDT
By Adrianne Ballif, Music Critic for Konsume Entertainment

Please Note: This article was updated Sep 23, 2014 @ 07:17pm EDT


There's no denying what an inspiration it is to see a strong, talented, female musician making a name for herself. The Canadian artist known as "Lights" (yes, that is her legitimate name) has taken control of the synth pop music scene once again, leaving her fans speechless. 

"Little Machines" was released today on iTunes after a much-anticipated wait. Fans have been dying for another tune to swoon over, but creating a brand new full-length album can be a challenge when you just had a baby. Lights has had a crazy few years full of changes, bringing her new little spawn into the world, getting married, and moving into a new home with her husband, who also creates music for a living. (Check out the band "Bless The Fall" if you're into the harder-core rock). 

A few months ago, Lights posted on her Instagram page that a new album was in the making. This was a miraculous day for those who have waited loyally and patiently, and today has become even more special. The feedback she's been given has already been enough to create a perma-smile for weeks. "Little Machines" has been a positive way for Lights to tell the story of her oober-busy past three years in a creative and dancy, yet soulful and real way. It's extremely difficult in the musical world to balance a family/social life and still focus on your career and the people awaiting new material, but to be completely and utterly honest, she rocked it. 

This album came out with a bang. There are songs that tug at the heart, hinting at the difficulties of being away from your loved ones when you need them the most, and songs that make your adrenaline bounce with inspiration and excitement, requiring an immediate dance-off with whoever you're with at any given moment. Seriously, listen to "Up We Go", and try not to dance. I dare you. Lights is an expert with a synthesizer. No matter what style of music you are into, there's bound to be a track that will make you "oooohhh" and "aahhhhh" at the sound of her synth skills. 

The most impressive thing about "Little Machines" is the depth of it all. The amount of dedication, real life stories, struggles and difficulties that went into the making of these tracks is absolutely incredible. It's more than mesmorizing to hear music that was created through a period of chaos and beauty in somebody's life. Lights is an artist in more than just the musical aspect. This gal releases her energy through many forms of art, and you can feel that through this new story of hers. She wrote on her website, "Over the time I spent working on this record, through heavy writer’s block, poetry, painting, long nights, cold winters, pain, love, and desert writing getaways, I came to realize how important it is just to enjoy life, live in the moment, and just chill out."

What an artist. Get those headphones on, take in some fresh air, and enjoy this new addition to the world of music. 


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