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Editorial Team

JasonNeal, Sports Writer
Last On: 06/04/15 05:25 AM - Est: October 2013
Bio: Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure. - Thomas Edison

Rick_Rinker, Political Editor
Last On: 12/26/18 09:01 PM - Est: October 2013
Bio: Rick studied Communications at UCLA. He is the founder of Konsume and contributes to Technology, Media and Politics.

Lance_Rinker, Managing Editor
Last On: 07/15/19 03:33 PM - Est: October 2013
Bio: Lance Rinker is a writer and journalist. He has enjoyed success as a radio talk show host and producer. His written work has been published in magazines, newspapers, and across the Internet.

You may have seen his work linked to or referenced at ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Huffington Post, and Yahoo.

ObedientCitizen, Technology Editor
Last On: 01/02/15 09:09 PM - Est: October 2013
Bio: Technology blogger and digital consultant to Fortune 500 brands and small business startups.

Bubbalaska, MMA Editor
Last On: 11/26/14 12:43 AM - Est: October 2013
Bio: Contributing writer for #MMA.


Contributing Writers
Michael_Owen, Sports Writer
Last On: 03/26/19 10:26 PM - Est: December 2013
Bio: College Lacrosse Referee both at the MCLA and NCAA levels. Longtime sports fanatic, former on air personality, DJ and radio weatherguy. Lover of God.
Jason_Bardwell, Sports Writer
Last On: 06/28/17 06:58 PM - Est: February 2014
Bio: Born and raised in England following Manchester City during the bad 1990's and enjoying the trophies of recent years. Moved to the USA in 2002 and have been writing for various sites since.
shaunmerritt, Entertainment/Sports Writer
Last On: 10/16/16 12:41 PM - Est: October 2013
Bio: Current student at UNT and stay at home father. I cover a fast range of topics from Sports, Entertainment, and Politics. Exclusively covering the Frisco Rough Riders for Konsume Media.
Bob_Phelan, Movie Critic
Last On: 09/25/14 05:12 PM - Est: February 2014
Bio: Host of The Redbox Report Podcast
Dylan_Moore, lurker
Last On: 07/15/16 11:15 PM - Est: April 2016
Bio: Algorithm engineer & machine learning student. I love writing and eating.
JLangley4, Sports Writer
Last On: 04/13/14 07:21 PM - Est: October 2013
Jeff_Kryglik, Sports Writer
Last On: 08/22/14 11:01 AM - Est: February 2014
Bio: Jeff works as an associate journalist for All News 99.1 WNEW - FM in Washington, D.C. He is based at the Baltimore bureau at WJZ-FM. You can find Jeff all over the DMV as he covers sports and news. For story ideas, contact Jeff: [email protected]
Steven_Baer, Sports Writer
Last On: 08/09/14 02:32 PM - Est: January 2014
Bio: Born and raised in Dallas. Grew up playing a variety of sports Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Golf. Graduated from UTA and studied Journalism and Broadcasting.
epolnoff, Sports Writer
Last On: 06/20/14 02:31 AM - Est: October 2013
mds2929, Sports Writer
Last On: 04/27/14 09:56 AM - Est: January 2014
Bio: I'm a fan of most sports, but have been a baseball obsessive since I was 7. I've been coaching since I was in high school and do so basically year-round. Also big on Survivor, poker, and getting depressed by the Chiefs/Mets.
taylorzanew, Sports Writer
Last On: 02/28/14 10:57 AM - Est: October 2013
Tyler_Hakes, lurker
Last On: 05/09/16 10:38 AM - Est: April 2016
Bio: Tyler Hakes is a freelance writer from Des Moines, IA. He writes about technology, business, and marketing.
Adrianne_Ballif, Music Critic
Last On: 09/23/14 06:56 PM - Est: February 2014
Bio: When a strong love of music and a strong love of writing unite, you get a media journalist. The goal is to enlighten others with a better understanding of music and media by reviewing artists and their work.
Thomas_Gersey, Sports Writer
Last On: 05/14/14 01:47 PM - Est: February 2014
Bio: Thomas is a freelance writer who specializes in MLB, NFL, NBA & NCAA. He has written for several websites, and has appeared as a guest on several ESPN and independent radio programs. He is an attorney in Silicon Valley, and currently resides in San Jose.
DaVeon_Smith, Sports Writer
Last On: 07/17/14 04:24 PM - Est: January 2014
Bio: #LakersNation
TuckerBlairON, Sports Writer
Last On: 02/26/14 09:23 PM - Est: January 2014
Bio: Owner and Executive Editor of
Sonny_Long, Sports Writer
Last On: 03/30/14 05:25 PM - Est: January 2014
Bio: An author and former newspaper reporter, Sonny has met 8 Heisman Trophy winners, worked as a sports information intern at Auburn, a public relations assistant with the SEC and a sports editor for a bi-weekly newspaper.
Co-author of "Bad News for McEnroe."
Richard_Davis, Entertainment Writer
Last On: 03/01/14 03:55 PM - Est: February 2014
Bio: Richard Davis (me) is a writer by trade, by choice and by strange wiring. I am based in Los Angeles.
shaneacedera, lurker
Last On: 08/25/14 12:27 AM - Est: February 2014
Bio: My name is Shane Acedera from the Philippines. My day job is a banker but I have always been an avid sports fan ever since I was a kid. I closely follow the NBA, boxing and UFC.
Gary_Bowen, lurker
Last On: 04/16/16 09:58 AM - Est: April 2016
Bio: Gary Bowen is a communications consultant and occasional journalist. He periodically writes about technology, software, outsourcing, finance, sports and legal topics for a variety of publishers - since the days of the Arpanet.